Diagram cloudThe internet is expanding – just as the universe. Our knowledge is growing, the number of users is growing, the number of websites is growing, the number of articles is growing, and thus the number of storage and number of servers we need is growing. More and more companies are threatened to fail just because of the large volumes of data they have. How can we help our clients organize all of the data they have and make it more accessible and easy to search?

In Diagram we have developed a robust custom-built solution for storing, processing and analyzing your data. It relies on a multi-node cluster that is optimized for large volumes of data (up to 30TB of volume). On top of it sits a latest-generation search service with flexible APIs that make accessing and searching the easiest task. The idea is to have someone else take care of your products and search, to save CPU for your website and accelerate the go-live. We call this the FlexiSearch.