Diagram e-commerceWe live in a multichannel world. Every day we get brainwashed and bombarded with advertisements through different streams – newspapers, TV, posters, mobile, online and many more. How does the customer decide where to buy from? What are the options that influence his decision? How can we as a service provider company facilitate the customer with his choice, and thus gain his trust?

The key to a successful e-commerce presence is to have a shop that is seamlessly integrated with all the other channels. The physical point of sale (POS) is a must-have, but to be successful in the new digital era, you must utilize as many of the retail channels as possible. Also to provide the best shopping experience for the customer you will need a centralized product information management (PIM) that enables the customer to compare, try and purchase your goods through all of the channels, whether it be mobile, online, or POS. We focus and concentrate even on the tiniest details while implementing our projects, so the end result is perfection – a website that helps you gain maximum conversion rate – turning online visitors into real paying customers, and seamlessly integrates with all the other channels. Because that is how we measure our success – through the success of our clients.

Every channel in the retail process is as important as the other one. That is because every channel can deliver a potential purchase and revenue. And as the world gets more and more mobile these days, we need to keep up with the latest technologies and utilize another retail channel – the one of mobile merchandise. You can rely on our expertise in the field of iOS and Android devices that will emphasize your online presence and will improve the overall e-commerce strategy.

We have implemented PIM and multichannel retailing for dozens of clients in Europe and Asia, and we use exclusively the Hybris platform, which is a market leader in this area. Yes, we can help you deliver a successful project that brings benefit to your clients.