Diagram searchSearch is the most vital part of your online business. And we, at Diagram, understand that. Without fast, reliable and intuitive search your clients will not be able to find the products they are looking for and sooner or later will leave your website. That eventually will lower the conversion rate and will give your site a bad reputation as unfriendly. What are the tools that one can use to improve the overall search experience? Do we have the right filters and facets to narrow down the search quickly and efficiently? Can we help the user with his choice by showing him similar products, or marketing campaigns, or similar products with promotions? And finally are we able to track how the clients interact with our website and see when they are experiencing problems finding the right product?

A user friendly search on your website starts even before the user hits your website. Diagram strives our projects to be search engine optimized (SEO), so our clients get a better ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. We also work together with the business to provide different synonyms, keyword redirects, faceting and sorting options for the end-client.All this helps increase the overall shopping experience which gains customer’s trust and result in increased conversion rate.

Diagram has a long history of helping its clients integrate with a search server. Nearly all of our e-commerce projects utilized a search server. We have experience with platforms like Fredhopper (, Solr (, Elasticsearch (, and we are the creators of a cloud search service called FlexiSearch. Our projects have scaled from dozens of products, to millions of products, and we have worked in critical environments where the response time must be several milliseconds. Yes, we have done this for our customers, we can do it for you.